Gadar 2: On Track to Become Highest-Grossing Hindi Release, Chasing Pathaan’s Record

Gadar 2 brought in 7.28 crores at the box office in its fifth week. Now, if the movie is successful in having comparable earnings in the sixth week as well, it will eventually take the title of highest-grossing Hindi release ever. The movie has earned 517.28 crores so far, which puts it just 7.22 crores short of Pathaan’s (Hindi) all-time record of 524.50 crores.

Gadar 2 4

Even though movie attendance tends to decline week by week, Sunny Deol’s Gadar 2 still has a potential to perform similarly this week given that last week’s decline was unusually sparked by the release of another hit, Jawan. Gadar 2 was competing for the entire audience’s attention, but there were also significantly fewer screens and shows.

Gadar 2

Consequently to fourth week
7.28 crores in the fifth week from 27.55 crores in the fourth. The Anil Sharma-directed action drama is on track to become the highest-grossing movie of all time now that the shows have increased once more in the sixth week as a result of Jawan’s euphoria abating.

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In addition to Gadar 2’s voyage, it would be intriguing to observe how Jawan pursues it in the future since it too is vying for membership into the 500 Crore Club. The route from there to 525 crores and beyond will be heavily scrutinized, though.

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